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History of my Kitty cats Girl cam web camera

In 2007 I decided to let the world know how much I love my 2 siamese cats, a seal point male, aprx: 9yrs. and a snow shoe female siamese. I've always been involved in animal welfare and humane endevours, dealing with local shelters and so forth. I hooked up an early version of a webcam, the Intel USB III see image^, a webcamera launched sometime in 1999. With the help of some friends and hosting it was pretty easy to get me and my cats on cam live from canada. A kind of girls cat web cam or, "Kitty cats Cam", and the rest was history. We started online in 2007-06-28 so we're working out some kinks.

About me and My Cats

Me? My name is brenda. I'm a born and raised girl from canada. Yes, I now have a live web cam to document my cats and their ever day antics. I'm 23, a brunette and work with animals. My cats, Bad Boy and Bacon, yes bacon, are both siamese kitty cats who love to torment me day and night while I capture the on my web camera. The cam is usually pointed at the cat tree but is rotated around my place. The 1st photo from when the cam was launched is of "bacon", in the cat tree, sleeping as she usually does. She's the female kitty girl, a snow shoe siamese aprx: 2 years old. Photos of me, up to the right will be added with the animals, so it's a kind of a girls cat cam camera. I love sexy webcam chat and am a member of several adult chat sites and camgirl sites. My Fave is TotallyFree Handle: CanadianGirl23 , its adulty but it has to be to do the live cam thing and do what you want live! I also like the live site above when you click my image! It's sexy hot for camoncam mature video chat, Try it we may meet online.
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What about the Web Camera and everday Life?

AdultCams I update it at least once every day or 2 unless I leave it on live for an hour or so at night.(sometimes located in the bedroom), It refreshes so anything new is updated right away. You can also reload the page or refresh your browser. Some bowsers, cache the pages you visit unless you clear them in your internet options. The camera, "ie:cam", is movable so I will add as may angles and photos as possible in the next few weeks, it's kind of a learning experience. I'm adding a section where you can comment, updated photos of the cats and me are available, and a way you can link to the kitty cats cam if you're intersted in animal related stuff. You can even comment if you like Chat Live Here. I've added some video from the adult web camera as well. So use the book mark button above if your the girl lover I think you are! You can try some othe the other sites in the menu pretty much all free. Theres alo the new webcamera above "mouse over it". It's a cool addon where its 100% webcamsearch and sites updated with the sexiest links 24/7 how cool is that, It's free! Try Here! it takes about 20 sec to install and instant webcambrowser with rss live girls feeds online updated every hour, see if you can find me ;)

Cam catures photos me and the Kitty cats on Camera

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